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We build world-class cloud networking software and provide innovative R&D and Software Engineering services.

Our Products

Spokes Gateway

Spokes Gateway is a modern cloud networking server that uses secure network tunnels, and applications mesh networks to simplify connecting applications that are hosted across cloud providers, data centers, network domains and application paradigms.

The Spokes Agent can be used to connect fleets of IoT devices and automated control systems and connects devices running Linux, BSD, Windows and macOS.

Spokes Gateway has built-in support for highly-available configurations and clusters to build resilient network infrastructure.

Spokes Gateway can be hosted on-premise to serve high-compliance industries such as healthcare, finance and government. We also provide a software-as-a-service with fully managed instances.


Packetriot is a Secure Tunneling subscription service for individuals and teams, developers and enthusiats looking host applications on the Internet from any network or PC.

Packetriot supports Windows, Linux, macOS and BSD and integrates Let's Encrypt into our client that simplifies creating and maintaining TLS certificates for custom domains.

Packetriot works behind CG-NATS and firewalls and makes it simple to self-host applications without port forwarding. Developers can host and test applications using publicly available URLs, custom domains and connect CI/CD pipelines without concern for the network configuration.

Our Services

We build interactive partnerships with our customers and begin with buiding a deep understanding of your challenges, requirements and goals. Our experience in computer networking and related areas are applied to best serve your business.

Described below is a summary of our services we provide:


We provide customizations of our software products for customers that have specific needs or deployment strategies.

Specialized functionality can be implemented as new modules or complentary components integrate with our software.

Engineering Services

Is your organization facing challenging questions about connecting applications or hosts in diverse networks?

We will work with you to understand your requirements, perform R&D studies, build exemplars and develop a strategy for solving your organizations challenges integrating diverse networks and applications.

Our team has experience with modern programming languages, computing paradigms, platforms and strategies. We provide different levels of software engineering services expertise:

  • Design and engineering services
  • Custom integration modules and features
  • Availability and partipication during critical milestones in your development process

Our Customers

We're proud to be a trusted provider of cloud networking solutions and services to some of the most innovative companies.

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We routinely solve these challenges for our clients:

  • Connecting applications across cloud providers, data centers or network domains.
  • Implementing a Service Mesh without Kubernetes, containers or Linux platforms.
  • Remote control and monitoring of IoT devices and automated control systems.
  • Integrating legacy software and hardware to a modern cloud applications.